Hey friends, hey! Happy Friday!

Are you ready for Halloween? It’s all Lucy can talk about. Unfortunately, she’s been sick for the last couple of days and hell-bent on not letting me forget it. I woke up yesterday morning to her climbing into my bed sobbing, “MOM!! I NEED PANCAKES BECAUSE I’M WARY WARY SICK!!!”

Sometimes I wonder if there are enough grapes in the world to make the wine I’ll need to raise her to adulthood. Somehow, I doubt it.

Let’s have our weekly This is Us chat. I BAWLED LIKE A DARN BABY AT THE END. MILLLOOOOOO. This is not okay. How does this show keep doing this to me? And why do I continue to recommend it despite the fact that I end every episode in tears, throwing the remote and yelling, “I HATE THIS SHOW!!”

Did you watch Hamilton’s America last Friday? I recorded it but haven’t watched it yet. My friend Shelly looked up Hamilton tickets on StubHub the other day and they start at $600! So basically what I’m saying is, this PBS special is the closest I may ever get to actually seeing Hamilton.


I early voted this week! I always do — it’s so much better than dealing with the chaos and lines on Election Day. I have to say, this election can’t end soon enough. I’m ready for my Facebook feed to fill up with kittens and babies and photos of Christmas presents!

Look at this adorable sweatshirt I found for Lucy at Target. I think I need one in my size! Isn’t it the cutest? And it’s SO soft!

Have you seen these Harry Potter Make-Up Brushes?! Such a unique idea for a Christmas gift! Speaking of, I haven’t even STARTED Christmas shopping and I’m usually finished by now!

Tell me about your week — what have have you been watching, reading, or loving?

Have a great weekend!

Candy Corn Oreo Pops are a simple no-bake treat that are a hit with any crowd. Bring them to your next Halloween party and watch them disappear!

Candy Corn Oreo Pops Picture

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the simplest recipes are the best?

It’s quite insulting, if you really want to know. I can spend hours slaving over a complicated and creative dessert but do you want to know what everyone eats first? The ridiculously simple stuff that I whipped up in mere minutes.

Rice krispie treats. Pretzels coated in almond bark. A pan of fudgy brownies made with boxed mix.

Is it possible that life really is this simple? Does a sheet cake with canned frosting and sprinkles hold the keys to the universe? I don’t mean to get too deep and philosophical with you guys, but it’s got me thinking.

Enter, the famous Oreo truffle.

Candy Corn Oreo Pops Image

If you’ve never had an Oreo truffle, you’re missing out. Everyone loves them! Of COURSE they do – they’re simply crushed Oreos and cream cheese mixed together, rolled into balls, and coated in melted white or milk chocolate.

Three ingredients, no-bake, and this is what’s bringing all the boys to the yard. Life is so weird sometimes.

In honor of Halloween, I decided to put these Oreo truffles on a stick! Something about a stick just makes everything better, and these candy corn Oreo pops are no exception. A triple dip in white, orange, and yellow candy gives them a bright and festive look that is perfect for a party tray or gifting to your favorite teachers or neighbors.

Candy Corn Oreo Pops Pic

They’ll all ask for the recipe, of course. And while this isn’t necessarily your culinary moment to shine, rest assured that these will be the first thing to disappear from the party platter.

I barely had these babies dipped before my children descended upon me, practically foaming at the mouth. Kids are frightening sometimes, aren’t they?

I hope you love these as much as we did. They’re a great last minute treat to have in your arsenal.

You can also find this Candy Corn Oreo Pops recipe on Food Fanatic, where I am a regular contributor of all things sweet. Enjoy and have a great day!

I’m sharing a list of newly released books to add to Fall list!


Okay, book nerds. Hold on to your hats because things are about to get a little out of control.

Just kidding. I’m just sharing a list of books with you. Fairly calm stuff going on here.

Just as I love a great summer beach read, my heart goes pitter patter for all the new fall/winter book releases. A new Jodi Picoult? Put me down for one the very moment it’s released, thanks so much.

Several of my favorite authors have new books for pre-order right now, and I’m counting down the days. I know, I know, living on the edge over here. The other day I added a splash of Rumchata to my chai tea and let me tell you, I felt like quite the rebel. Nothing like a good book and tea with a splash of alcohol to instantly elevate you to rebel status, am I right?


If you’re looking for a few new books to add to your Amazon or library hold lists, trust me when I say that these are the books that everyone will be talking about for the rest of this year! There really is something for everyone, from deep and meaningful to fluffy to YA romance. Take a peek over HERE where I’m sharing the complete list of books (and their brief descriptions) on eBay, where I contribute as part of their influencer program!

As always, although I am a paid eBay contributor, I am free to write about anything I want. And I really think you’ll love these books!

Let me know if there are any that I need to add to the list. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Is the Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette worth the money? Let’s take a look at it!


I’m sure you all know by now that I am a complete beauty product junkie. So I am SUPER excited to bring you a new series that I really hope you’ll enjoy!

My husband and I have been working on bringing you some fun recipe videos lately and we thought it might be fun to add MAKE-UP videos to the mix!

Honestly, I love make-up as much as I love food. Sephora or Cheesecake Factory? Always a toss up. So this makes perfect sense.

This week I’m reviewing the much hyped Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3. It’s still available at my local Ulta, although it’s almost impossible to find online. It’s a huge palette with some amazing shades…but is the quality as good as other Lorac palettes? I go over that in the video, as well as share a soft smokey look for fall that I’m absolutely loving.

A few things —

I forgot to do a close up, particularly of the shades I used for the look. I’ve made a note for next time! I get super nervous on camera and hopefully I’ll do better as I make more of these.

I was not asked or paid to do this review! I bought this palette with my own monies so that you could decide if it’s worth yours.

I make weird faces when I apply make up. Nothing makes this more glaringly obvious than when you watch a video of yourself applying make-up. There’s a possibility this will never change. You just might be stuck with my weird make-up applying face until the end of days. Sorry.

I already have a couple of products I’m planning on reviewing on video in the next few weeks, but I really want to hear from you. What do products would you like me to try? What do you want to learn? Let me know and I will make it happen!

Thanks for watching, cuties!!